We are an Auto atelier, highly specialized in the fitting and deep tuning of handlebars and their fitting with elite materials. Available — a replacement fund of several hundred steering wheels. Standard, original factory handlebars are not subject to structural changes, the frame remains the same, but its geometry is newly cast from polyurethane. The strength and rigidity of polyurethane fully corresponds to the parameters of the German original tuned steering wheels. The advantage of this steering wheel is not only the design and convenience of grip, but also completely different tactile sensations. In addition, in many models, an additional porous rubber with a thickness of 1 or 2 mm is glued between the leather and polyurethane. this gives tactile sensations another level of "softness" ... Quality — everything is as in the picture. we send them to the regions. We do it slowly, the queue is from 5 to 15 days, but some models are available. We work without prepayment. (Except for the handlebars with a special, very non-standard design). The price is without a pillow, taking into account your old steering wheel in.
   Our anatomical handlebars are made on the basis of standard handlebars. Compared to competitors' products, we do not mold our hands from putty or EPD (hard plastics), we cast them from polyurethane. Not of any polyurethane, the material fully corresponds in rigidity to the original German tuned steering wheels. (40-50 units on the Shore scale)